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The Louie Bear Project looks to team up with  schools, organizations, and communities to help keep our spaces vibrant and clean. We will work to make collecting materials fun for all while properly disposing items for the school or organization. If your school or organization would like to team up with The Louie Bear Project or if you would simply like to help, follow the link below and send us your info. 

The Louie Bear Project understands the future of the world lies in the hands and minds of today's students. With that in mind we look to inspire, encourage, and educate students on why recycling is important and also how it benefits our everyday lives. 

The Louie Bear Project wants to make recycling fun for students and faculty alike. Alongside Louie, we will  educate students on various ways to incorporate recycling into their daily lives. Whether it's creating a bulletin board or displaying projects around school and town, The Louie Bear Project wants to help show your "GREEN" SPIRIT. 





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